What is the CASOE? The name of our organization is The CASOE Group, Inc. (Creative Arts Spirit of Excellence); pronounced ‘castle.’ We are a performing arts company (CASOE Youth Theater) and training center (CTC) with a youth oriented agenda with its focus in the areas of theater, dance and music. We work to develop creative abilities and leadership skills of CASOE members and engage the community in meaningful artistic initiatives.

How can I get involved with your organization? We welcome support from individuals, businesses, churches and neighborhood groups. You may support us through monetary donations, in-kind contributions and  volunteer opportunities. Please send donations to : The CASOE Group, Inc. PO Box 21854 Detroit, MI 48221. You may also make donations online simply by clicking the Donate button on our Homepage. This is a safe and easy way to support our organization. We will send an Acknowledgement of Donation letter for your records.

How can I become a member of the CASOE Group? Young people between the ages of 16-21 interested in becoming a member will need to complete our application, audition and interview process. STAY TUNED TO THE HOMEPAGE TO KEEP UP ON AUDITION OPPORTUNITIES.

What are some of the benefits of being a CASOE member: CASOE members are given an opportunity to gain practical experience in the Arts (theater, dance and music). Members will participate in a wide range of theaterical activities including live performances, education workshops, video taping, radio and televison appearances, and community service.

How often to you rehearse and perform? We rehearse three times per week and   more frequently as we move closer to performance dates. At the end of each stage performance, CASOE members receive a stipend  for their work, based on attendance and performance. Live stage performances are scheduled for each season. A schedule will be provided once membership has been approved.

Is there a cost for membership? There is no cost for membership. However, we ask that members and their families participate in various CASOE fundraising events.

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